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  • "There is nothing made by human beings that
    does not involve a design decision somewhere."
    Bill Moddridge
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Your identity is the face you show the world

Unlike the face we’re born with, you have the opportunity to update and massage your identity — all without the pain of surgery. Your clients and viewers form an opinion about your organization, and it’s suitability for them, based on a number of impressions and one is definitely your logo/identity. Ideally, it should capture imagination and inform.

Since 1982 the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) has been a charitable organization dedicated to providing Nova Scotians with information and resources about the law. They provide easy access to law information for all Nova Scotians.

As part of a larger website project we recommended a refresh of their logo. Originally created in the ‘80s their outdated logo lacked style, really stand for anything and had become unwieldy with the addition of a generic tag line and a plethora of typestyle’s and sizes.

A number of options and alternatives were explored leading to the final version chosen. One of the key recommendations we made was to shorten the name to Legal Info Nova Scotia to align with their site url of

Research has shown their key users of their services are those new to Canada. This led to the integration of the international information symbol for familiarity. When the bandages were finally removed, a clean, clear, distinct identity was adopted — a more youthful and friendly face was revealed.