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What's in a name?

Developing a name for a new firm is exciting, but it's a tough process requiring getting into the mindset of the owners and a lot of trust by the client. That's the scenario behind a recent naming project that resulted in Mushroom Consulting—an executive coaching and leadership consultancy—a unique name for a leadership skills firm!

A unique name certainly helps a firm be memorable and stand out among its competition but hopefully a good name does more than just being unique. It should tell a story or hint at one. So exactly where did Mushroom come from? While discussing the techniques and exercises utilized in defining their clients' strengths, the client described a self evaluation program that identifies quadrants of personal strength, the Leadership Circle Profile. I was told an ideal profile looks similar in shape to a mushroom.

That description resonated, became a name and then a visual identity. It's a name that begs a question, but that's another attribute of a great name, it starts a conversation.