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Finding solutions that get results

Sail Nova Scotia promotes, guides and directs competitive, and recreational sailing while facilitating the enjoyment of safe boating. It’s funding is partially tied to the number of participants involved in the sport throughout the province. Gathering current reliable participation data has often proved to be a challenge due the sheer number of programs and facilities involved. They initially approached us to develop an online database that member clubs would use to input their membership numbers. We suggested expanding the system to allow individuals to sign in themselves. This approach reduced the workload for member clubs while providing the clubs with gender, age and geographic information they can use to better serve their members. It also provides the option for newsletter sign-ups.

The “I Sail” icon links to a simple questionnaire, compiling all the data on the backend of the Sail Nova Scotia website where it can be easily accessed and tracked.

We developed the simple icon, and provided it in a form Sail Nova Scotia could distribute to sailing clubs, related associations and related retailers. A series of posters and banners, utilizing a QR code, allows sailors to easily “Get Counted” through their smartphones wherever they see the pieces.

Finding solutions that help clients get results is what we’re all about!