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  • "It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
    nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
    Charles Darwin
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Design at it's most basic is visual communication–communicating a message as simply and directly as possible. It's not really about making pretty pictures.

It requires identifying and understanding who you're trying to talk to and crafting just the right way to communicate the message to achieve your goals. Whether it's print, web work, a display, advertising, billboards or an annual report, I've done it all and can tailor a message that's appropriate for your needs.

Take a look at my portfolio, if you need to create just the right messaging to connect with a particular group or market, I can help.

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I can't imagine why any client would have a website that doesn't allow them access to edit and add content to every area of their site. Surprisingly there still are many clients that only have editing access to limited areas of their site.

Working with my dedicated programmer I can ensure you receive a design that addresses your present, and future, needs with the ability to control your own content.

I start with an analysis of what you need, build a wireframe or architecture for your approval. Once the architecture is approved then I'll design a site that will accomplish all your goals – one you'll be proud of! Then we'll build it, online so you get to see how it's coming. We'll also make it fully responsive for today's various devices and screen sizes. We'll train you on content edits and management and we'll always be here to help out along the way.

Maybe you have a site you already like, but you can't edit it... give me a call and we can take what you have and build what you really need.

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An identity is more than just a logo. It’s how the logo is used, what other elements are associated with it, what stock it's printed on, what typeface is used for other text elements. How do the other elements like letterhead, business card and envelope work together?

When asked to design a logo or an identity, I'll always supply applications for how the identity is used to ensure that it works at its very best in communicating your message. You’ll receive guidance on applications and how to keep your identity consistent.

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Need some help filling a short term vacancy? Perhaps things are just running a little hot and you need some help.

We've all been there and sometimes it's hard to find the right fit for the chair – someone who can come in, has lots of experience and can hit the ground running. Someone who can take a brief or a strategy and spin it into the work your client will love.

Give me a call, with years of ad agency / design firm experience I can fill the hole for a day, a week or a month – whatever you need. And with experience as an account manager, production manager, creative director and designer you'll find I can cover a lot of bases!

Not an agency or a design firm? No matter, the same service is available for any firm – maybe it'd be helpful to have someone like me come in every once in a while and help produce a newsletter, create some marketing pieces or just help out with your image.

Find out how easy it is to get experience working for you, give me a call at 902 489 8556 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..