Alexander Graham Bell Foundation

Branding / Design

Inspired by the genius of a modern Leonardo Da Vinci

The client was a dual entity with the shared goals of celebrating and perpetuating the legacy of Alexander Graham and Mabel Bell in relation to their time in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, the location of Parks Canada’s Alexander Graham Bell Museum

The Alexander Graham Bell Foundation exists to celebrate and perpetuate the legacies of both Alexander Graham Bell and his partner Mabel Hubbard Bell. Alexander Graham Bell Museum Association is responsible for running the Museum Store and the Café located in Parks Canada’s Alexander Graham Bell National Historic site in Baddeck. Their combined mission is to advance education, support Canadian innovation and inspire all Canadians to explore the creative spirit that lives within each of us.

Develop a new graphic identity, graphic standards guide, associated elements and design a selection of templates.
The focus of the Museum in Baddeck, NS, is to promote the work and inventions of Alexander Graham Bell after his development of the telephone.

We developed a 3D tetrahedral icon, representing a key building block in Bell’s kites, hydrofoils and airplanes. Coupled with a strong typeface and associated period graphics we developed an incredibly flexible and impactful brand identity.


  • Client Alexander Graham Bell Foundation and Museum Association
  • Task Rebranding and Collateral Development
  • Partners Darrell Freeman (Docaitta Design)