Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, providing an array of marketing solutions focussed on communicating your brand and messages beautifully.

Our belief is that clients are best served when they can talk directly to those creating the work. Avoiding the potential of miscommunication, when dealing with intermediaries, saves time and money.

We have the experience to quickly understand your needs and how best to achieve your goals. We’re confident our down-to-earth communication style, coupled with our straight-forward no-nonsense approach, will be a refreshing change—one that will quickly get you where you need to be, with a lot less less pain than dealing with the layers involved with many other firms.

Our team expands to fit your needs. Whether it’s a simple design request, best handled by one person, or a complex project needing the skills of a multi-disciplined group, we have the flexibility and experienced resources to efficiently and accurately handle your needs.

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